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Central Suffolk and North Ipswich

Kevin Craig

Kevin Craig

Personal Statement

I grew up on a Council Estate with two loving parents. We had very little money and at times it was very tough. I consider myself very lucky to be the first in my family to go to University and I will never forget that my success owes a lot to the sacrifices of others. 

I served 17 years as a Labour Councillor in London and I first stood for Parliament in South Suffolk back in 2005 when I campaigned to protect the NHS, taking local voices all the way to Downing Street. I have been supporting charities in Suffolk for many years including fundraising for East Anglia Children’s Hospices and recently helping to protect the life-saving work of Felixstowe Coastal Patrol. My work as a Councillor included saving millions of pounds of taxpayers money (winning national awards) and helping thousands of people over 17 years of service.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic I wanted to do my bit and was proud to train as a Vaccinator with St Johns’s Ambulance including working with NHS staff out of Gainsborough Sports Centre in Ipswich to help get our country back on its feet. The way that the Conservative Party and Boris Johnson behaved during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the way they partied in Downing Street while the country locked down, and the manner in which millions and millions of pounds of our money was lost to waste and corruption is a scandal. If Labour is given the honour to serve in Government we have pledged to get back the public money stolen and wasted.

I have spent years building up a successful career in business whilst also serving as a School Governor. I founded a company in 2006 and we now are over a hundred people working across the UK including being the largest communications agency in the East of England with its Head Office in Ipswich. I currently split my time between Suffolk and London and I also sit on the Advisory Board of the Eastern Powerhouse which exists to create jobs and support the economy in the East of England. Successful businesses, a strong economy, fiscal stability are the foundation stones on which a Labour Government, if given the honour to serve, will use to make our country better. I am passionate about the role of business to create jobs, change lives and give people the chance to fulfil their potential. The company I founded has given 5% of profits since day one and I am very proud of and grateful for that.

My mum worked as a NHS nurse and as a dinner lady. My dad worked on building sites and then as a security guard. My father in law served in the Marines and the Police. Public service and commitment to our country runs deep through my family. Some of the highlights of my working life include helping raise millions of pounds for Combat Stress, the charity supporting the mental health of our Military Veterans, and supporting the work of footballer Marcus Rashford to give children free school meals. My two daughters and being a father have brought me the most happiness in my life and I am deeply committed to giving every child in our country the chance to fulfil their potential. I have served for over a decade as a School Governor in Primary and Secondary State schools.

The General Election of 2024 gives us a huge opportunity both in Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, and across the whole of the UK. I know that Keir Starmer, if given the chance to serve, will be the Prime Minister our country needs to make our country great again. 

I love this country. Our economy, our environment, our public services, our NHS, our public life need change. I would be honoured to serve as our MP to help take forward Central Suffolk and North Ipswich. 

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