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Dunfermline and Dollar

Graeme Downie

Graeme Downie

Personal Statement

Next year, Fife will send a message that we have had enough of the past. That we have had enough of the managed decline of what by then will be 14 years of the Tories and 17 years of the SNP. This is my community, I am a local Councillor representing the area where I live. My two daughters go to the local school and nursery. I want to be a Labour MP because I want to help more people in more ways. To help create a place where opportunity, ambition and aspiration are provided, encouraged and met.

The journey to create that future starts here but it doesn’t end next year when we have a Labour MP in Dunfermline and West Fife. That is only when the journey really begins. That is when I hope to play a part in helping a Labour Government truly start to make a difference to our communities.

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