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Jess McGuire

Jess McGuire

Personal Statement

As a local candidate, I have spent my entire life understanding the unique challenges and embracing the opportunities our area has to offer. I grew up in this area and still live here with my family today. My personal journey has been marked by challenges overcome with the help of the very institutions I now aim to protect and enhance. The NHS, our nation’s pride, played a pivotal role in saving my life. It’s this gratitude and understanding of its value that fuels my drive and commitment to not only safeguard but also improve our healthcare system. My priorities include reducing waiting lists, addressing the gaps in our dentistry services and significantly enhancing the provision of mental health support.
 But my vision extends beyond healthcare. Our community deserves a robust foundation to build their lives upon, which starts with addressing our housing crisis. I am dedicated to increasing the availability of new homes and simplifying the journey for first-time buyers to own a home. This is not just about construction; it’s about building secure futures.
 Growing our economy is another part of my campaign. By attracting new businesses to our area and improving public transport, we not only create job opportunities but also enhance the quality of life for everyone. A robust economy and accessible transportation are key to a thriving community, and I am committed to making sure we can improve the area for us all.
 The time for change is now. Our community, our nation, faces unprecedented challenges that demand innovative solutions and decisive leadership. The same old approaches will not suffice. For too long we have been let down by the Conservatives. We need fresh perspectives, driven by lived experiences and an unwavering commitment to the welfare of our people. My pledge to you is to bring this change, to work tirelessly for our community, and to ensure that our future is not just secured, but flourishing through Labour's plan for a decade of national renewal.
 I believe together we can win here. It won't be easy but Labour's plan can give us the hope and determination to reclaim and secure Britain’s future. A future where healthcare is accessible, where everyone has the opportunity to own a home, where our economy thrives and where our community’s voice is not just heard, but acted upon. Together, we can make this vision a reality.
 Please do get in touch with me directly through the above contact methods. Together we can win in Gainsborough. 

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