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Dr Lauren Sullivan

Dr Lauren Sullivan

Personal Statement

Lauren is a local resident who is proud to already have served residents as a local Councillor for over 8 years both as a Gravesham Borough Councillor where she serves on the Cabinet as the Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure and on the Kent County Council where she is the Leader of the Opposition and is asking for your support to be the next Member of Parliament for Gravesham.

Lauren has a background that is grounded in public service growing up in a household with a nurse mother and a businessman father understanding the value of both public and community service as well as the private sector both being indispensable for our economy and community wellbeing. She has brought that forward in her own life by serving as a teacher and also as a Councillor for over eight years.

Outside politics Lauren is married and is a proud mum to two children educated at local state schools and as well as being a qualified teacher herself giving her a valuable insight into the education system. Lauren is a research scientist who has for many years working on neglected tropical diseases such as malaria. Lauren enjoys the great outdoors often found exploring forests and hills on holidays along with her camera to photograph scenery and then paint them.

Lauren’s values are what are needed for every elected representative, and she feels are missing from national politics at the moment. Values such as social justice, wanting everyone to have the chance to succeed in life no matter their background, ability or need, feeling that our children should have the best start in life with an education system that is fit for purpose. Values of integrity and compassion which should be at the heart of politics ensuring that decisions are taken with the needs of the public at the centre.

Most of all Lauren feels that Gravesham has so much potential that is being held back by the Conservatives and can only be unlocked by a Labour MP and a Labour Government. Gravesham has a proud history and heritage spanning centuries that needs investment, our health service that has suffered from years of Tory neglect, with families and adults struggling with housing needs where there are too few truly affordable rents or buy options.

Lauren as a Labour MP for Gravesham with a Labour Government will be a strong voice in Westminster to call for the investment Gravesham needs to unlock its potential. That is why Lauren’s campaign will focus on ‘Unlocking Gravesham’s Potential’

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