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Portsmouth North

Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin

Personal Statement

Amanda is a Pompey girl, raised in the city since she was 10 who is passionate about the city she lives and works in.

As a teacher for 24 years, she’s championed education and women’s rights rising to the post of national President of the teachers’ union the NEU whilst bringing up her three sons in the city. 

She is currently Chair of Portsmouth Labour Party. 

During her time as a teacher, trade union rep and National President, she’s built strong relationships both professionally and within the community and is respected by the people she works with in the city.

In civic life so far, Amanda has been the chair of governors at Copnor Junior School, Springfield School and was a governor when the merger of the Futcher and East Shore Schools became The Mary Rose School. 

Amanda is a trustee of the National Education Museum, Loaves of Love, Lucy Lund Fund, Teachers Education Group Trust and, as a lifelong Pompey fan, is a proud elected member of the Portsmouth Supporters Trust Board. 

Amanda has Portsmouth and its people at her heart. As a longstanding community activist, she has experience, knowledge and understanding of a wide range and of local issues and needs.

About her selection as Labour candidate for Portsmouth North she says: “I am extremely honoured, and so very proud, to have been reselected. For too long Portsmouth North has been run by Tory politicians who simply do not care about our public services and the opportunities and, to be honest, about the people who live in our communities. They have led from the front and been proud of the chaos and hardship they’ve caused. The cost of living crisis is affecting all areas of our city and 14 years of coalition and Conservative governments have given little to the people of Portsmouth North. Allowing austerity to decimate services and put thousands of kids and families into poverty, increasing rents and mortgages, food and heating bills and lacking the inspiration that is needed to turn it around. Portsmouth people are proud people and deserve an MP who feels that same pride and wants our city and the people in it to succeed. The time has come for us to say ‘No’. Portsmouth North needs real change and only a Labour candidatecan offer that. We need to give Portsmouth North residents hope that change is possible, that the time has come and it really is time for change”. 

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