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Cat Eccles

Cat Eccles

Personal Statement

I grew up in the Black Country and Stourbridge has been my home for nearly ten years. I’ve been a Labour Party member for 7 years and I’m passionate about my community and demonstrating how Labour can do things differently. 

I became involved in politics because I did not feel represented by those in power and wanted to make a difference in my community. I was frustrated by the deterioration of public services and the widening gap in inequality and opportunity. I realised the only way to make tangible change happen was to be the change I wanted to see, and the Labour Party gave me that opportunity. 
I am in my second year as Councillor for Wollaston and Stourbridge Town, having contested the seat three times and finally won a seat back from the Conservatives after 12 years. I helped elect a second Labour Councillor in my ward and we are set to take all 3 seats at the next local election. 

I have a proven record of standing up for Stourbridge and working hard to deal with issues and make this a better place to live for everyone. I have established relationships with local stakeholders and work alongside them to achieve positive outcomes. I am a Senior Operating Department Practitioner in the NHS and I’ve witnessed first-hand the devastation this government has had on our NHS, as well as the police, economy, housing, environment and more. 

I want to be the voice of Stourbridge in Parliament and bring about the changes that are desperately needed after years of Conservative rule and austerity. Stourbridge deserves to be represented by a local person who knows the area, the community and what matters to them. I am well known across Stourbridge for being someone who gets things done and listens to concerns, and I’ve achieved a lot for my ward in my 2 years as Councillor. 

I want to take that commitment to the next level and influence how we rebuild Britain and our local areas. I would draw on my political and work experience to work collaboratively with the Council, key stakeholders and trade unions and create a future for Stourbridge where everyone is valued and the area can thrive. Stourbridge needs an MP who can hold the most powerful to account and ensure our policies have a positive impact on the communities we serve. 

I have an excellent relationship with party members having been Vice Chair and Chair of the constituency, and always involve our members in campaigns. I’ve worked hard to mobilise members, deliver training, and spot future talent for the party. Involving members in this way strengthens the party and encourages them to come on this journey with me. 

I believe I meet all the criteria and I’m committed to making Stourbridge and the UK a fairer, greener, and more tolerant place to live. It would be the honour of my life to represent my hometown in Westminster and deliver on Labour’s vision for a better Britain.

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