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Uxbridge and South Ruislip

Danny Beales

Danny Beales

Personal Statement

I was born at Hillingdon Hospital in 1988 – growing up in South Ruislip and Ruislip Manor. I went to local schools. My family have called Uxbridge & South Ruislip their home for generations. I’m here, ready to work hard to improve the area who made me who I am today. Raised by a single parent, my life was shaped by early struggle and poverty. It was my first experience of homelessness, that drove me to join the Labour Party when I was a teenager. Losing our home, when I was 15, forced my mother and I to leave the area – but Ruislip is where my roots are.

I believe everyone has a right to a decent home. No one should not be able to afford to eat or heat their home. More and more families are now struggling because of the Conservative government’s economic mismanagement over the last 14 years. Now we need change. Over almost a decade I’ve put my principles into practice. Through my nine years as a local councillor and cabinet member I’ve been finding solutions to tackle low pay, deliver new council homes and good work.

Now, as times get even tougher for families, I am determined to make fundamental change possible in Parliament. As a full-time local MP, I would work hard for a new hospital and better public services. Work tirelessly to deliver a stable and growing economy so that families feel hopeful about the future and to ensure we have more police on the street and safer communities.

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