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Angus and Perthshire Glens

Elizabeth Carr-Ellis

Elizabeth Carr-Ellis

Personal Statement

From growing up on a council estate in a working family needing benefits to smashing glass ceilings at The Scotsman, I am proof of the power of Labour governments. I'm a councillor and a campaigner who has been one of the leading voices in changing the UK landscape around menopause. I've worked with everyone from politicians and peers to prison officers and foodbank staff, been named a Big Issue Changemaker and appeared in national and international media, TV and radio. I have created real change in both attitudes and law. But I'm still a working woman and I know the challenges that face each and every one of us – but I also know that a better way is possible. I've lived it. The SNP and the Tories have nothing left to give Angus & Perthshire Glens. Only Scottish Labour can deliver the change Scotland needs. It's time for a fresh start and a fresh voice. 

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