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Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

Personal Statement

 |   | Matthew Wright runs a local business that specialises is upskilling staff in IT systems. A seasoned campaigner and former town councillor, Matthew fought to increase the number of police on the street, advocated for community policing hubs, and more investment in road infrastructure and transport networks.
 Mr Wright said: "It's an honour to have been selected as the Labour candidate in Braintree and a privilege to have the opportunity to put myself forward to represent the needs of local people. People in our towns and villages deserve a strong voice in parliament and an MP that will campaign tirelessly on their needs, concerns and priorities.
 "I know what it is like to experience the anguish if parents having to choose between heating or eating, the uncertainty of not having a roof over your head, and the consequences of dangerous waiting lists and degradation of the NHS that we have seen during the last 14 years of Conservative misrule and economic mismanagement.
 "Braintree needs well-funded, fully functioning public services and infrastructure, good jobs with a fair wage, and decent housing to lift families our of poverty and ill health. Residents should be supported so that they are able to thrive instead of struggling to survive.
 "Labour is putting forward a positive agenda that puts people at the forefront of every decision. We can't afford more of the same and another five years of Tory failure. It is time for change. It is time to elect a Labour government that will serve Braintree and serve Britain." 

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