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Kelly Fowler

Kelly Fowler

Personal Statement

Cheadle is my home and where I am raising my family. I care passionately about making a difference for its people. 
 My career spans over twenty years of working to improve the lives of others in education, policy and the charity sector. I have almost a decade's experience as a local councillor, and have spent over twenty years working alongside local residents, businesses, schools and charities to deliver for our communities. 
 Cheadle is a great place to live, but not everyone has the chance to succeed and thrive. The cost of living crisis is biting. Wages are not keeping up with inflation and public services are stripped to the bone. Our hospitals and schools are crumbling, we're an NHS dental desert and our rivers are seeing record levels of pollution due to an absence of leadership from this Tory government. 
 We are fighting back in Cheadle. We have a people powered campaign to return a Labour MP and government to Westminster to help turn this country around. We would love to hear from you! Get in touch and involved in the campaign and together we can make a difference. 

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