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Joanna Howard

Joanna Howard

Personal Statement

I relocated to the area in 2019, choosing to make this wonderful part of the country home with my husband and my young family of three children. We have loved exploring our new community and getting to know everything there is to offer here. 
 I see daily how overstretched our NHS is though, how hard it is to get a dentist appointment and the stress of finding appropriate housing. I see the consequence of less police on crime in our communities and making people feel less safe in their high streets. I feel the impact of the cost of living crisis on the everyday decisions we make, and the extreme pressure our schools are under from chronic underfunding. I worry that the sewage being pumped into our rivers and seas is causing irreversible damage for future generations. 
 My parents; a GP and a nurse, instilled in me the importance of public service. This has shaped my career decision as a lawyer to specialise in public law and professional discipline. I hear constantly on the doorstep how disillusioned people are with politicians and that they cannot be trusted. I am passionate about upholding the rule of law and professional standards - honesty and integrity are fundamental to me. It is time for change, not only so that we can build back our communities which are suffering after many years of harmful decisions by Conservative governments, but so we can once again have confidence and trust in those who are elected to represent us. 
 As we prepare for the General Election, I am working hard in Christchurch and with our neighbouring constituencies to share Labour's message so that together we can bring Labour MP’s to Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole to work to ensure all of our communities fulfil their potential. 

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