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Peter Lamb

Peter Lamb

Personal Statement

Crawley as a borough councillor. During my eight years as council leader, I delivered balanced budgets without making frontline cuts, oversaw Crawley's return to council house building on a scale not seen for decades, and helped secure hundreds of millions of pounds of investment in the town which saw Crawley become the densest centre of employment in the country outside of London.

I'm running for office because, after years of struggle on the ground, I know that the challneges facing Crawley on the ground cannot be resolved at the local level any longer, they need change in Government. We urgently need a solution to the cost of living crisis, to Crawley's housing emergency, and the underinvestment in public sector which has left every service from our NHS to policing on the brink of collapse.

If elected, I will spend the next five years working to secure:

1) A thriving local economy and support for the town centre

2) Housing which delivers for local people

3) A better future for Crawley’s children

4) Real action on law and order

5) A local NHS that’s there when you need it

Together, I know we can win. Together, I know we can build a better future for Crawley.

With best wishes, Peter

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