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Edinburgh North and Leith

Tracy Gilbert

Tracy Gilbert

Personal Statement

I grew up in a mining town in a council house during the 80s and I witnessed first-hand the impact that politics had on my family, our friends and my community. I never thought things would get that bad again - yet here we are. 

My life experience, as a volunteer, my working life as a Housing Officer and as a Trade Unionist make me want to ensure that workers and communities have access to well-paid and well-funded work and public services. I want to tackle the inequalities that exist across our society and give voice to the people who have none. 

I am enthusiastic about eradicating the scourge of poverty across Scotland. We are a rich country, and it is shameful that the underfunding of healthcare, social care, housing and the lack of essential food and heating is a reality in our society today.

I am standing to represent and deliver for our community because we deserve better.

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