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Edinburgh West

Michael Davidson

Michael Davidson

Personal Statement

I grew up in Edinburgh West under the last Labour government and saw the difference we made in government through well-funded schools and hospitals. The Tories have been in power my entire adult life and it shows. The cost of living is higher than ever and our public services have been stretched to breaking point.

As a trade union rep in the energy sector, I have seen the power of collective action and how ordinary workers, standing together, can achieve great things. That is what motivated me to stand for Scottish Labour.

For too long the Liberal Democrats have taken Edinburgh West for granted and the SNP have tried to use it as a political football. All the while, our roads crumble, our schools are over capacity and our bus services are cut. 

Edinburgh West needs a party that will stand up for everybody’s interests and give people a voice in government.

It’s only Labour who can offer the change we need. 

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