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Faversham and Mid Kent

Mel Dawkins

Mel Dawkins

Personal Statement

 Local, with experience of working in the community as a teacher and a track record of representing the community in local government, I want to stand up for Faversham and Mid Kent and be the hard-working constiuency MP you deserve! We need greater control over how our services work locally, and Westminster to give us the resources and power we need to make positive change for everyone. 
 I want to make sure that we have more affordable and social rent housing in the area, with the right infrastructure to support it, so everyone has the chance to have a place they can call home. 
 I am passionate about the environment, and have campaigned on this issue for many years. I also believe we need a "just transition," to meet our net zero targets, so everyone can access cheaper energy bills, up-skill to greener jobs, decarbonise their homes. I want to see better public transport system, that is affordable, accessible and reliable, more active travel routes that inspire and encourage more people to happily integrate a range of travel options in to their journeys. 
 As a musician , I’m also a strong advocate for the arts and for example have performed at the Faversham Hop Festival numerous times. 
 I have a track record of working hard for residents, being visible in the community and am 100 % committed to making sure your voice is heard in Parliament. 

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