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Hamble Valley

Devina Paul

Devina Paul

Personal Statement

Devina is a business leader with an extensive track record spanning across two decades. She has a deep understanding of the pivotal role of business to the UK’s economic landscape, fostering job creation and spearheading cutting-edge technology. Devina will bring real world experience to advocate for the residents of Hamble Valley if she is selected as a member of Parliament. 
 Although not from a political background, her mother worked as a nurse in our NHS and her father was an engineer with the GLC, so her commitment to hard work, public service, community, and giving back to society stems from her upbringing.
 As a working parent to a 4 year old, she sees first hand the challenges faced today by many working people and the importance of ensuring we remove as many barriers to opportunity as we can, whether that’s through education, jobs, housing, transport infrastructure and better public health. 
 Devina's candidacy reflects her unwavering dedication to fostering inclusive progress and amplifying the voices of those she seeks to represent. 

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