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 Jill Borcherds

Jill Borcherds

Candidate for Stevenage

I am delighted to be Labour’s candidate for the next General Election for my home seat of Stevenage. I have lived in Stevenage itself since 1989 and have always enjoyed spending time in the countryside and villages that surround the town. When I first moved to Stevenage, I worked for Sainsbury’s; I subsequently trained to be a teacher and have taught Maths in Stevenage secondary schools since 1996. My children were born and grew up in Stevenage.

As a teacher, I work in collaboration with colleagues in schools across Hertfordshire, where we have seen the devastating effect of austerity on Education, which I know has been replicated across the Public Sector, and all parts of society. In my work with children, I am only to aware of the effects of years of Conservative ideology driven austerity that have hampered local Councils’ ability to provide the for local residents. Under Labour, the council housing stock could be re-vitalised and investment provided to grow a thriving local economy providing high quality jobs. Stevenage is well connected – with a nationalised railway, improved bus services and upgrading of our unique cycleway system we could have sustainable transport linking town and villages alike.

My experience talking to voters when campaigning has made me aware that far too many feel that politics and politicians have no relevance in their own lives; we need to reconnect with these people to ensure that they always use their precious right to vote. Please support my campaign for this crucial seat by volunteering or donating, so we can deliver a Labour government that works for the many and not just the few.

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01438 487577

324 York Road Stevenage SG1 4HW

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