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 Mark Huband

Mark Huband

Candidate for North East Somerset

Our country is facing enormous uncertainty, and my mission as MP for North East Somerset will be to save it from becoming more divided, unstable and unequal.

Over the past three years we have learned a great deal about what kind of country we are. But instead of bringing wisdom and stability, this experience has hardened the divisions in our society, seen the threat increase to the future of our United Kingdom, and all-but cut us loose from the bonds which over many years have helped us create stable and forward-looking communities.

Today, we have to rediscover the civility, decency and tolerance that are at the heart of our democracy. This means accepting differences and pursuing compromise.

This means combating climate change and safeguarding our planet for future generations.

This means strengthening the parliamentary and judicial institutions that make our country a democracy.

This means holding a confirmatory referendum to resolve Brexit and to start to heal the wounds.

At the General Election on 12 December, Labour will be the only party offering to lead our country towards a future in which the values of tolerance, opportunity, social responsibility and fairness are at the heart of what we believe.

Only Labour can take on the challenges that face our country, in the interests of all the people of Britain.

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