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North Cornwall

Mrs Robyn Harris

Mrs Robyn Harris

Personal Statement

We need a voice for North Cornwall who can advocate for fishing and farming families, residents, workers, and retirees. After completing my education at Wadebridge School, I pursued Art and Illustration at Falmouth University before transitioning into mental health and learning disabilities nursing for the NHS in Bodmin. Currently residing in Wadebridge, I am focused on encouraging my children to pursue higher education. My husband, originally from St. Austell, is a former rugby player, and we have changed careers over time to support our family. 

I fled South Africa's apartheid regime and was raised by my single mother and experienced the transformations in Cornwall firsthand. Life was challenging in late seventies Britain and here again in twenty twenty-four, I find my family now living the same way. We managed by buying second-hand clothes and affordable cuts of meat from the local butcher. Living near my grandparents' dairy farm facilitated my mother's employment unfortunately childcare has been non-existent for us.

My political involvement started at Wadebridge Town Council and expanded to include participation in The Labour Party and Labour Women’s Network. Over the years, I have received political education and partnered with Unions. Advocating for women on the issue of "Violence at work is not part of the job". Additionally, I harvested cabbages for food banks last year and undertook a fundraising walk in February this year for Refuge.

My key focuses in North Cornwall are:

1, Addressing the issue of affordable housing for both renting and purchasing.

2, Improving National Health services for all age groups.

3, Promoting green employment opportunities through training and sustainability.

I am dedicated to being a strong voice for North Cornwall to effectively represent my constituents in Westminster as an MP. 

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