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 Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall

Candidate for Warrington South

Warrington South is my home. It’s where I live and where I’m raising my family.

I care very deeply about Warrington and all our communities. As a local councillor and Cabinet Member for Children, I’ve spent years working alongside local residents, businesses, schools, charities and others to deliver for our town.

Warrington is a great place to live but not everyone has a fair chance to succeed; not only to survive, but to thrive. In Warrington South we’re stuck without a voice in Westminster. Saddled instead with a Tory ‘yes man’ who delivers nothing but claims credit for everything.

Times are tough right now. The Tory cost of living is biting hard. Public services have been stripped to the bone. Wages are not keeping up with inflation. Our NHS is undergoing managed decline. The Tories have damaged our country. Hurt our communities. Neglected our region.

But we’re fighting back. In Warrington South we’re building a united, people-powered campaign - to return a Labour MP to Westminster and a Labour Government to Downing Street - so that we can finally get the change we so desperately need.

Get in touch and get involved. Together, we’ll take the fight to the Tories and we will win Warrington South for Labour.

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