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Dr Julia Buckley

Dr Julia Buckley

Personal Statement

I've lived in Shropshire with my family for 20 years, and served as a local Councillor for seven years and I am now standing to become your MP. Growing up, my dad was a coalminer and my mum was a teacher, so I understand the struggle so many of us are facing currently with the cost-of-living crisis and soaring bills. Labour has a plan to reduce energy bills through our national GB Energy renewable company.

During my 25 year career in Government, I worked at local, national and International level specialising in writing bids for large government grants to improve infrastructure for communities, businesses and environmental projects. I want to use this knowledge and expertise to maximum investment into Shrewsbury.

We need to restore our town, after 14 years of Conservative neglect.

I will restore the vitality to our town centre, by increasing the number of police officers, to reduce anti social behaviour and let our streets felt safe and welcoming again.

I will restore our public transport system with more frequent buses under public control, not privatisation.

I will restore the cleanliness of our River, after the years of sewage pollution dumping. A Labour Government will prosecute water companies if they continue to pollute.

And under a Labour Government I will work to restore our NHS by increasing GP and dentists appointments.

After 14 years of Conservative neglect, Shrewsbury needs a fresh start and as your MP I would work hard to restore our town, providing a voice for everyone. I would never take a second job, but keep my focus on Shrewsbury as my top priority.

Shrewsbury deserves better.

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