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 Trish Williams

Trish Williams

Candidate for Berwick-upon-Tweed

Trish Williams for Berwick-upon-Tweed

Why choose me as your candidate? I'm not your usual politician; just an ordinary woman born and bred in Northumberland, the best place in the world!

I joined the Labour Party in 1974 as a student and became a NALGO steward when working for Northern Gas in the 80's. I took redundancy in 1993 and became an IT consultant, travelling the country as my contracts demanded, which wasn't easy with a young family.

Then came the 2008 financial crash. I knew the Tories would win power and, like Thatcher in the 80's, they would wreak havoc on the poor, vulnerable and working class. I was not wrong.

People see me as an organised, calm person. What they don't see is the utter RAGE I feel about the devastation to society and people's lives, caused by millionaires with no care for those they were elected to serve.

Witnessing the impact of austerity on our rural and coastal communities, I took on the role of CLP Secretary in 2017 and have worked tirelessly since, to improve the Labour presence in Berwick and show that voting Labour is the only option to get the Tories out.

I commit to campaigning on the most radical Socialist manifesto since 1945. I know we CAN win in Berwick. I believe we MUST win across the country and return a Labour Government. People are depending on us and we cannot let them down.

Please vote Labour for Hope and Real Change. Vote Trish Williams for Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Thank you.

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