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 Yvonne Murphy

Yvonne Murphy

Candidate for Monmouth

I will lead a campaign of HOPE COMPASSION DIGNITY UNITY. I believe our country needs to be brought back together after years of austerity followed by over three years of disharmony and divisive debate and discord. I believe we must begin to think about the future generations and their well-being. We must decide together what kind of world and society we want for those future generations.

My Top 5 Priorities






THE CLIMATE EMERGENCY – this affects us all and has to be our top priority. We have to think differently about how we live, work and prosper. It will mean many changes and investment on a huge scale. We need public investment in renewable energy and green technology. Labour will create hundreds of thousands of highly-skilled, high-wage unionised jobs as we triple solar power generation, double on-shore wind generation and bring about a seven-fold increase in off-shore wind projects. This is exactly the opposite of the planned incinerator in the Usk Valley: we cannot burn out way out of a climate emergency.

ENDING POVERTY IN THIS CONSTITUENCY, WALES & BRITAIN – The gap between rich and poor grows ever wider in this country due to years of Tory enforced austerity and cuts to devolved budgets and local authority funding.

In-Work Poverty – People work hard and yet still cannot manage.

Child poverty stands at historic crisis levels. 4.1 million children are now living in poverty in the UK.

Hunger: In this CLP and across Wales and Britain people are having to use foodbanks to feed their families.

I want to live in a society where people are NOT going without the most basic of human needs, food, clothes and shelter.

EQUALITY & ACCESS Labour will protect and invest in our NHS. Labour will develop a National Care Service. Labour will scrap University Tuition Fees. Labour will create a New Sure Start Programme and Free Childcare programmes. Labour will provide Free Prescriptions in England in line with Welsh Labour Policy. Large scale investment in rural broadband and public transport across the UK.

Importantly Labour will boost budgets for devolved nations such so that all devolved areas (Education, Health, Transport etc) in Wales can have the investment they so desperately need.

JOB SECURITY AND CREATION & FAIR PAY AND WORKING CONDITIONS We live in a country where top CEOs earn in two-and-a-half days what the average worker earns in a whole year. Labour will scrap zero hour contracts, introduce a £10 living wage, give all workers equal rights and we will NEVER tell people they have to work until they are 75. Workers will have better wages, better security and more say.

TOURISM, GROWTH & INVESTMENT IN THE AREA I will fight for the people of Monmouthshire in Westminster. I will be your ambassador. Let us make sure Monmouth is not left behind. We need better public transport. Better broadband. We need to end austerity so that our Welsh Labour Government and our Local Authorities can stop fire-fighting and being able to only provide the most basis statutory requirements. We need investment for every individual from the youngest to the oldest in the constituency so that our communities are able to strengthen and flourish. We must eradicate isolation and loneliness and shine a spotlight on the natural outstanding beauty of the area.

My Views on the European Union

The EU is one of the biggest projects of redistribution, peace and solidarity in history. Brexit chaos is the creation of the Tories. The referendum was held to deal with internal Conservative Party problems. Tory negotiations on Brexit have been incompetent and have put the future of the country seriously at risk. The foundations of the EU we know today were forged from the horrors of WWII to ensure that horror and the rise of the far right would never happen again. Peace, Workers Rights, Human Rights, Child Rights, Environmental Sustainability have all been strengthened in Britain BECAUSE of our membership of the EU. Being a member of the EU has improved the lives of all British people from the quality of our beaches, to our food standards and our National Security. The Labour Party is the only Party that is committed to giving the people a vote on whether they would wish to leave with the best deal that can be negotiated or whether they would prefer to remain in the EU. No one outlined what LEAVE meant. No risk or cost assessment had taken place. Once Labour are elected we will negotiate the best possible deal that safeguards jobs, trade and peace in NI. Then we will let the people decide whether that or the deal which we already have with the EU as members is best for Britain. The EU and European countries are not our enemies. They are our friends and close allies. The EU did not cause years of austerity, foodbanks, record levels of child poverty, increased homelessness and disharmony where family members and friends have been polarised by a referendum no one asked for. The EU did not ask us to hold a referendum with no plans for a leave vote and 3 years of wasted money, time and energy. No one took to the streets before 2016 demanding we leave the EU. The Conservatives must be held to account for the current state of our nation. Division and hatred are not what we want. We want Hope, Compassion, Dignity & Unity. Brexit is a Tory agenda. The 2016 referendum was ONLY in the interest of the Conservative Party and NOT in the best interest of the nation The National Farmer’s Union (NFU) believes a No Deal Brexit would be catastrophic to British farming. The benefits of being a member of the EU are many and far reaching. I am deeply concerned about many impacts of leaving the EU. To mention just a few: shortages of medicine (e.g Parkinson & epilepsy medicines), the impact on our Police & Security Forces (major drugs arrests were made this Autumn due to collaborations made possible because we are a member state and would have been jeopardised if we had left already), Fiscal reports re impact to economy for years to come, loss of EU funding to Wales; Impact on Jobs, Academia, Research and Opportunities for younger generations. Jeremy Corbyn must personally remain neutral in order to be able to negotiate the best possible deal with all member states of the EU. Only by doing that and then putting it back to the people do we have a chance of allowing all people to feel listened to and reuniting the people of Britain and bringing peace and harmony where the Conservatives have created disharmony, discord and polarised positions. However, I am in full agreement with the Welsh Labour Party which has concluded that it is in the interests of all sections of the community in that our existing EU membership remains the best possible deal and the best for Wales and that we should remain in the EU. Finally I believe the 2016 referendum was undemocratic. The choice was not clear. Leave continues to mean many different things to many people. There are MANY outstanding questions regarding the Leave Campaign and Electoral Law. We must settle this question, which will impact generations to come, with a People’s Vote. I will campaign to Remain. How do you feel about of people needing to use food banks in Britain, one of the world’s richest countries?

What do you think about the fact that top executives now pocket in 2.5 days what the average worker earns in an entire year?

How are you affected by the greatest slump in wages in the whole of the UK for 200 years?

All of this is life under a Conservative Government.

Now imagine a Labour MP for Monmouth and a Labour Government in Westminster.

Can you imagine what differences we could make with a fair increase to Wales’ devolved budget, the positive impact on our schools, healthcare, and local transport?

Imagine –

A Green Industrial Revolution. A new sure start programme. Free technical and vocational training Free adult education. Free personal care £10 Living Wage No Tuition Fees IMAGINE a country where we can make all this happen this by fair tax rises for only the top 5% of earners and big corporations.

What kind of world do you want for the future generations?

This is not just an election about Brexit.

There are additional long term issues at stake, such as building a fairer society and tackling the environmental problems.

What do you think about Foodbanks, Record Levels of Child Poverty, A Social & Health Care System at breaking point, Standstill wages, Cuts, Standstill investment in Devolved Nations and therefore impact on devolved areas of education, health and transport in Wales.

It is possible for Monmouth to be Labour. It has been before and can be again.

It is true that there are only really two options in Monmouth under our current system.

Put policies before personalities. Read Labour’s Manifesto. Make your own informed choice.

If you share my values Vote Labour on December 12

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The Hamlet, Llwyndu, Abergavenny, NP7 7HY.

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