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 Ben Twomey

Ben Twomey

Candidate for Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner

I am standing to be your Police and Crime Commissioner to take real action on crime and anti-social behaviour in our county.

I was born and raised here, and I've lived and worked across the county. It hurts to see that Warwickshire has become a more violent place under the Conservative Police Commissioner. There were 10,000 more crimes last year compared to just three years before. More people are being burgled. More shoplifting is damaging local businesses. The number of people caught with weapons has more than doubled.

The £20 million in direct government funding the Tories have cut from the police budget since 2010 has left victims suffering whilst criminals are being let off the hook. Not once has the current Police Commissioner stood up for Warwickshire by writing to his Conservative Government for proper police funding.

We all need to feel safe and protected in our communities. I have a plan to make this happen.

I will increase police officer numbers and make sure they are seen and known in our communities. I will stamp out burglaries with a new taskforce. I will put victims at the heart of everything I do and work with them to improve services.

I will target criminal gangs and protect the young people that they exploit. I will work with our NHS to make sure the right professionals are first to respond to mental health incidents.

Through all of this, I will work with you to give you a real say in how our communities are policed.

If you are with me, we can win this election. Then we can begin taking the real action on crime and anti-social behaviour that Warwickshire needs.

Choose real action, vote for Ben Twomey on Thursday 7 May 2020.

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